Restart from good enoughness

Hi there. I am a double diamond here in scholars. I have been working a lot these 2 years. Things are developing but in many areas I still don’t see things unfolding (I know this is also a model, but lets assume for the moment it is accurate). So my model is
C: 32 year old, double diamond
T: I have so many things to fix/understand
F: frustrated
A: make disorganized self-coaching work in multiple directions
R: slow down improvement
Now I decided today to take a step back and look at what are “all the things”
– C: My life right now
– T: I have so many things have to work on:
– relationship with body image
– work on stopping crushing black heads
– stop exercising from obligation
– process food urges
– improve sleep (insomnia)
– deal with uncontrolled salivation
– Understand how I create desire
– Have clear the compelling reasons (Whys) in all of these areas
– create confidence when I have overwhelm arising
– Stop creating regret
– Relationship with loneliness – chasing connection from a place of scarcity

What is the common denominator behind all of them?

– F Not being good enough
– A shame → seek low-level pleasures
– R create more evidence of why I am not good enough

Say I wanna go for a fresh restart and work straight on good enoughness. What resources here in scholars do you suggest me to focus on? thanks