Results always proving thoughts question


I’ve been doing daily models and notice that sometimes my results don’t seem to prove my thinking. I still find these models helpful, so is it essential that the result always prove the thought? It feels like to do that in some cases, I am trying to force a result in the R line that doesn’t feel genuine. Any clarification about this would be helpful. Here is a sample model:

Unintentional Model:
C: Husband goes out to an expensive dinner.
T: We are working on sticking to a budget, and that was more than he should have spent.
F: Irritated
A: Create distance
R: Feel disconnected from Husband

Intentional Model:
C: Husband goes out to expensive dinner
T: He is allowed to spend money however he wants.
F: At peace
A: Treat husband normally
R: Connected

It feels like the results don’t necessarily prove the Thought in either of these. Do the models need cleaning up or is it okay for the result not to align exactly with the thought? Thank you so much!