Ruminating about past conversations and interactions

Hi –

So I have a tendency to obsess and ruminate about what was said in interactions with others, even emails written. I just go over and over in my head what I said (or wrote). It’s not even like I am questioning it or analyzing it – just replaying it over and over and over. I am guessing this is indulgent. I do tend to get soooo overwhelmed by these thoughts that they can be almost paralyzing sometimes.

how to I get myself out of these obsessive loops? If I do intentional model on it – what part of the conversation do I pick to put in thoughts? Or do I model on my thinking about the obsessive thoughts?

C: Thinking
T: My thoughts are obsessive
F: trapped
A: just keep thinking the obsessive thoughts
R:obsessive thought loop

C: Thinking
T: Recounting “this” over and over doesn’t serve me in any way
F: liberated
A: deliberate thought about something else
R: no longer have obsessive thoughts; loop broken

Ok, am I moving in the right direction? Thanks