Running 2.8

Hello!!! working on model practice can you please review.

C- Ran 2.8 miles
T- I am struggling more with my runs
F- confined
A- Spending too much time on discouraging thoughts like I am not going as far as I was. Won’t sign up for 5K . Not wanting to up my goal distance. Catching myself using verbiage like I should have run further, I need to run more.
R- Not be motivated to set longer distance goals.
this is my unintentional model

Intentional model

C-Ran 2.8 miles today
T- That is an awesome second run for the week
F- satisfied
A- Start planning Saturday’s run. Setting new minimal baseline for next run to be 3 miles, Using new verbiage ” I get to run” Setting new goal for month to run at least 50 miles
R- Having more intentional planned runs to lead to larger goals
Thank You!