RVing in Spring 2018 or sooner

Hello Brooke,
I’m single, retired military since 2008. I’m now 48, no children (well I believe my time in the Houston area has allowed me to be there for my now 24 year old nephew. He reports to Job Corps on Oct 10). I’m ready for a change of scenery. I own a PAID for home that I will eventually sell.

The change of scenery looks like starting a business or buying an RV. At 48 RVing seems more enjoyable. What’s the problem? FEAR. I’ve never been out RVing. I’m currently researching and reading about RVs, conversion Vans etc. It seems like it would be exciting, and a way to visit with friends, family and break up the monotony of a current peaceful, casual occasional restaurant meal, movie and a concert. I’ve considered becoming a Life Coach, a Finance Coach to help break up that monotony but that currently doesn’t seem to be as enjoyable as exploring the country. Wondering if that’s going to get me back to where I currently am. I’m thinking I want know that until I try it and should just go for it.