The Saving Money State-of-Mind

Hello, hello, hello there over-deliverer 🙂

I know the Saving Money training is due in June but wanted to know what are your thoughts on the underlying idea behind saving money.

If you ask people like my parents, they would refer to two scenarios:
Save for a rainy day (negative worry) or save money for a fancy vacation, renovation, or some other big purchase (sounds positive but suggests that it is better to save now because money might not be available later).

It reminds me of the mentality of having a health insurance, which says ‘You got to have a good health insurance because what if something bad happens…’
Well, what if nothing bad will happen?
What if I will take care of my body so well that I won’t need to worry about worst case scenario?
What if I am sure that if something that is not within my control happen, that the universe will always give me enough to pay for whatever treatments I may need?

Have a gorgeous week.

That screenwriter.