Scale says 1X9.4

C scale says 1X9.4
T Something has gone wrong
F Uncertainty
A Ruminate about what I ate yesterday, wonder if I’m bloated, wonder if it was something I ate, wondered if I’m doing it wrong, create feelings of hopelessness, have negative thoughts about my body
R I create problems that didn’t exist

I first started off neutralizing the C-line as much as possible. C: An electronic device showed digital numbers when I stood on it. (If an alien saw me step on a box and freak out about the numbers it showed, the alien would be very, very confused).

Then, I allowed space for the feelings of uncertainty to exist. My brain has thoughts about the feeling of uncertainty. It thinks that when I feel uncertainty, that this means something has gone wrong. So I find myself in a very unhelpful thought loop. But I can SEE that my brain is creating a thought loop, and that is very interesting. It is also not a problem – it’s just what brains do.

I did a little bit of a ladder:

“Something has gone wrong” is just an alarm mechanism that my primitive brain offers me – it means my brain is working
My brain doesn’t like to feel uncertain – that’s just literally how brains work
Just because I feel uncertainty does not mean that something has gone wrong
I couldn’t prove that something has gone wrong in a court of law
I couldn’t prove that the vibrations of uncertainty in my body mean that anything has gone wrong
Feeling uncertainty is not a problem – just some tingles
Feeling vibrations in my body doesn’t mean that I have to change anything
I can stick with my plan even if I have vibrations in my body
I can make space for those vibrations to exist
I can move forward with my day even if I am feeling uncertain

C Scale says 1X9.4
T Today’s life lesson is how to move forward while feeling uncertain – I’m up for it!
F Determined
A Continue with my day as planned. Noticing when figuring it out or ruminating or body-checking behaviors are happening. Remind myself that this is normal, and tell myself I love myself whenever it happens. It’s okay that this is happening, I can get through it with love. Our brain might be being mean to me today, and that is okay. We don’t have to listen.
R I teach myself that I can move forward in the face of uncertainty

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