Scheduling and calendaring

I’m working on a new goal this month to honor my calendar (I’m not necessarily going backwards to September, but I am using the skills I learned to continue moving forward 😉). I’ve decided to schedule one week at a time and have a layout of what the week will look like, almost like a protocol. And then each night before dinner I’ll go over my schedule for the next day. This work is really good for me because I resist following my own schedule, but this is a skill I truly need to learn. I realized during my thought download today that when I schedule out my day I find it to be boring and therefore over analyze what I’m doing, pity myself for having such a “boring” day, and find reasons why I don’t need to follow my schedule. I will be taking it one day at a time, allow urges to change my schedule, and do my best to feel the feelings and take action anyway. What do you think team Brooke?