Scheduling questions

For me, I’m realizing this month is about working less hours, but getting more done. I procrastinate taking massive action by thinking I have to have everything (and all the hows) figured out ahead of time.

A couple questions–

1) How do you schedule daily recurring tasks (email, admin tasks, social media, etc.) Do they have a specific daily time slot? Or do you fit them in wherever you have empty space or extra time from completing tasks early?

2) Do you schedule in learning time to read, watch classes, etc? Is this part of your work time? Or free time?

3) When you begin a project, you don’t always know what you don’t know, so as new tasks come up, do you just add them to your calendar? What if there’s not space to add them in? Doesn’t that cause the need to move things around? I’m guilty of overscheduling and working longer, so really want to constrain my work hours.