Scheduling weekend time

Hi Brooke,
I am having difficulty with scheduling my weekend time. I really don’t know how to schedule days like Sunday where there is not a lot of pressing work to be done. I have 3 boys and a husband and we do things at times but not always. I notice that on those days I feel “bored’ and/or “not focused” and/or “confused” so I eat. I stand in front of the TV in my kitchen and I eat. It sort of “grounds me” or helps me focus.

Another question….. have you ever had a day where you are just MAD. Not sure why but just feel super crabby? I had one the other day and I tried to do the model but I seriously was so crabby that I couldn’t seem to do it. My brain would not work. Just wondering how I can get out of those moods.
Thanks for your awesomeness!!