Scheduling: which tasks can be cut and actually really scheduling and taking time to rest/recharge

Hi! I’m new this month and am very happy to be a member of Scholars. I’m a mom of two kids (age 6 and 7) and am running my business as a fine artist as well as staying on top of 2 small children.

As I’m reflecting I see that I am always “working” (energy is constantly going out for tasks associated with running my business, producing paintings for the business, managing the kids and their schedules, life chores or general life admin) but am now evaluating what is actually “productive” (I know there MUST be room for improvement, I know I’m just new at seeing that so not so am not great at it yet, but I’m ready to start!).

I would love your guidance with deciding what takes priority and what can fall off the list. It feels like everything has a consequence if it’s not done at this stage in life, but I’m betting there’s a new way to look at it that will help me. I could also use guidance on how to schedule time to “rest/recharge” and actually HONOR that time. I tend to push it aside and fill it with more tasks because the tasks are always growing faster than I can knock things off the list.

I’m efficient with my time for the most part (but am working on focusing more and eliminating distractions – looking forward to more of that when the kids start school again tomorrow, both will be in for full days for the first time ever). My own brainstorm tells me I’m doing the jobs of several people and need to make plans to delegate (once I can raise funds to do so). The only “recharge” time I honor is working out MWF and taking some breathing/meditation time immediately after for about 10 minutes.

I no longer want to be speeding along from task to task constantly and choosing to experience overwhelm, I want to take control and start to work from a place of peace and calmness. Thank you for your guidance!