Screen time help

According to my iPhone, I spent 30 hours on Facebook and 14 hours on Instagram last week.
My immediate thought is no wonder you aren’t getting the results you want in your business.
I am ashamed and disappointed in myself that I’ve been working at this for several months.
This is the start of a new week so I would like to spend no more than 2 hours a day on social media on my phone.
It’s so subconscious that I’m not sure how to do it. I use social media for my business so sometimes when I check it, it turns into me scrolling without realizing it.
I try to keep my phone in the next room and it makes me feel so uneasy and squirm it’s hard to explain.
I’m ready to conquer this because I know my future self who has accomplished her impossible goal doesn’t spend all that time on social media. Please help!