SCS wins! (BL)

I’ve been wanting to post some ‘wins’ for a while!

1. Back in December, I decided that I wanted to leave my job in June and go full-time in my business. At the time, I had no idea how I was going to increase my income enough to do that. I did the work in Scholars on my mind and I showed up and put myself out there in my business…and I’ve been full-time in my business for two weeks now. I have no doubt in my mind that Scholars was a huge driver of this!

2. One of my dares of the day two weeks ago was to run two miles without stopping. I hadn’t run in about 9 months, and normally when I get back into running I run/walk for a while. I told myself, “I can run super slow, but stopping is not an option.” After about 5 minutes of running, my body was feeling uncomfortable. I coached myself for the whole run and I completed it without stopping! It was an amazing feeling.

3. This morning I listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast with Brooke as a guest. I’m actually working through Amy’s List Builders Lab program, and I realized that I was giving myself too much time to finish writing my lead magnet. I had an hour scheduled today to “work on” the lead magnet, so I decided: I have an hour to FINISH this sucker – at least, the first draft. And I did!

THANK YOU for an amazing program! <3 <3