Selecting the people to focus on this month

Hi Brooke! I’m thinking about which people to choose. Obviously my husband will be one, it makes sense to choose my 2 sons as well. If I were to choose someone who I find difficult to love, or who has “annoyed” me in the past year, it might be a lady at church or someone who I don’t see in person much anymore (used to see her about 1 week a year) but who has “annoyed” me on Facebook with statements she makes that I find offensive. Would it be more beneficial for this process to focus on someone who is more distant, like these latter two, for the sake of learning the exercise, as opposed to someone like my mom, who is of course one of the main relationships b/c she’s family, but for whom I don’t really have much “going on”? (Our relationship is pleasant at this stage in our lives.)