Self-deprecating humor and humble bragging

My workplace has a culture of self-deprecating humor and humble bragging. I refuse to use self-deprecating humor because I believe words are powerful even when joking. I find humble bragging disingenuous. Examples of self-deprecating humor are when a new employee commented about some of her publications in journals, two of the co-workers started mocking themselves about “their publications” (they have none). Another co-worker was selected for a prestigious advisory board but immediately down-played it by saying, “Oh, they must have offered it to others who turned it down before it got to me.”

I find all of this irritating, but I have tried to have a curious approach to it. I always compliment them on their accomplishments and congratulate them. I never downplay my own accomplishments and accept any compliments with a “thank you.” However, what I have noticed is that my co-workers bond with each other with this behavior and seem to find it so funny. They literally double over laughing. I would appreciate any suggestions for navigating this.