Self-esteem vs self confidence? (LRS)

What are your thoughts on these two seemingly similar, if not the same, personality components?
I am risk averse (or so I’ve been told by a somewhat famous and successful coach on the phone once) and as such, I have a hard time getting my nuts up to do things like speak in front of a crowd, start my own coaching business, or even do FB live.

However, I know I’m smart, funny, pretty, and can be charismatic if the mood lighting is just right. 🙂 So, I think I have high levels of self-esteem, but low levels of self confidence.

How would you and SCSs team define these terms in relation to one another. I ask because I want to know which thoughts to work on in the very near future…trying to get specific.

Sorry if this question is too esoteric!
Thanks so much,