The last 24 hours has been a roller coaster of emotions. Today I allowed an urge and found some great insights… yet now Im not sure what to do.

In relationships that I find difficult, I tend toget consumed. I stay really nice to the personand go into people pleasing mode. I have tons of really strong relationships and as a therapist, I believe I should be able to figure it all out. So, particularly with my mother in law, I struggle. And the more time I spend with her, themore shegets in my head. But today, I realized that I beat myself up for doing it wrong and my self-judgement for it feeling bad. Shes very passive agressive, so things loom over me making me write all kinds of stories about what shes thinkkng. She uses guilt and pressure to control, so I judge her back in my mind. Ultimately my question is 2 parts. How do I stop the self judgement. 2) when I work the model on this towards unconditionallove, it seems to bring more self judgememt because I feel I should be able to handle her better. Howdo I recognize that my thoughts are causing my feelings and not beat myself up over all of it?