Self Publishing First Book

Hi Coaches, I’ve written my first book, something I never planned on doing, but am nervously excited about. It’s all stories previously published in the newspaper I freelance write for (with my editor’s support and encouragement). I happen to think it’s a fun, creative little book (which was my intention). I’m not publishing to make a fortune, I just want to show myself what I can do when I push past fear and doubt, and who knows, maybe I’ve got a few more books in me just waiting to be written and published. So what’s the problem, you may ask? Well, I finished editing the book back in May, it’s currently August and I haven’t done ANYTHING about it! I briefly read about self publishing, got quickly overwhelmed, indulged in doubt and confusion and months later, am still there! I could ask my editor for advice, she’s been there, done that, but I have plenty of excuses to not ask her, like, she’s so busy, I shouldn’t bother her…I know my thoughts are totaling creating this and my brain is sensing danger and telling me I can’t figure this self publishing thing out as a way of protecting me, but I haven’t pushed past that realization to taking action. Doing nothing is so much easier, it just feels so defeating. Knowing hasn’t equaled doing. I’m not beating myself up, I just want to move forward, feel the anxiety and keep going. I have anxiety just thinking about it! Should I keep doing thought downloads and models on my fears and doubts as a way of pushing past them? Any insights/thoughts to inspire me along on my self publishing journey?
Thanks so much!