Self-Sufficient? Why Yes! :)

It’s funny. I originally had (and sent you) multiple “big questions” about my life, career, etc. when I first got into SCS right at the end of March – but now I find myself becoming self-sufficient. 😀 When I have a challenge pop-up, my initial thought is… “I should ask Brooke!” – but then I think… “Hey, I’ve got the tools to figure this out myself” and oddly enough, it works! So far, I’m 8 days in with zero drinking (which is HUGE for me)… my thought downloads went from 30+ negative thoughts to about 10 thoughts, only 3 or so seem negative (the others are “Wow. I feel really happy today” and “I’m making myself very happy this morning”) but still doing the model on those fun little negative ones that pop up. No real question, just a quick pop-in to say thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Your work is working on me. 🙂

Oh yeah – AND thank you also for your great author recommendations, too! Steven Pressfield is blowing my mind on creative work and Pema Chodon is adding onto what you’ve already taught me about feeling my feelings (including fear). Thanks again!