hi coaches

i just listenend to a recorded call today about giving yourself approval and not seeking other people for it.
and brooke said something really good: she says she is an approval whore but she then gives it to herself.
and i’m also an approval whore haha but i don’t give it to myself.
so i’ve noticed that when i do something that would be recognized as good or cute or helpful or just positive and the people don’t see it. i first do it and then i tell myself i don’t need their approval thats embarrassing. etc.
and then i do it anyway, because it feels so good getting that approval!

so what i want to learn is to give myself this approval.
and then i asked myself why i don’t think my approval is good enough. and then i noticed that i don’t give it to myself because i’m not that easily impressed or i don’t feel anything.
like 2 months ago i payed the groceries of a young kid in front of me. and i wanted to be called: “oh she’s so kindhearted” and selfless etc.
but if i were to say that to myself i would just be like: yah, yah whatever.
like i don’t think its that special.

i want to learn that. but how do i learn that?
how does IT FEEL if someone only needs their own approval?
is there any of you coaches who can describe that to me? or offer any thoughts?

i don’t think lots of people can do that.
and i don’t blame them.

but i want to learn that!

thank you so much!