September Goal Broken

I committed to follow my protocol for 30 days during September and was successful for 12 consecutive days and felt absolutely wonderful.
The past weekend though (and today) I have been overeating excessively and unconsciously and immediately felt the physical and emotional havoc these foods caused me: my brain is foggy, my body aches from inflammation, my joints are stiff and tender, I am tired and am unable to concentrate, and also I have the full-blown urges back every hour now.

Now, that my September goal has been broken, should I skip the entire rest of the month, should I choose a different goal for the rest of the month?
My brain, conveniently, argues that ‘what’s the point? At the end of the month you will not have met the 30 days staying on protocol anyway…’

Would love your help and also how can I think about breaking the promise in a way that will serve me.