September goal: my goal is a feeling

I’ve been thinking hard about my September goal and I find it ironic that the one thing I think about is that my goal is really a feeling. I want to feel that I am smashing it at work (I don’t currently feel this because of how I think about my actions and results, which are inactions (and thus no results) more than anything). Does it make sense for the goal to be a feeling if you’re able to measure the results that will get you the feeling? E.g. “I will have secured X clients, developed and executed a content calendar” etc. For me to feel that I’m smashing it, it’s really not enough with just one measurable accomplishment. In which case, perhaps my goal should be something else or just one of the several things I think I need to get that feeling.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this (I have a suspicion that you might say that that thought is already available to me 😉