Sergio Garcia

Just wanted to share a cool example of someone who decided not to let his past failures define his future results. I was watching the Masters this weekend with my husband and he explained that one of the top players had never won a major title in 73 (!!!) starts and was known as a “choke master.” Well, guess what? He won.

From the NY Times:
“Whatever happened, García told himself, he would drive out Magnolia Lane at the end of his 19th Masters appearance having improved upon his career-best fourth-place finish from 2004.

“I felt much calmer than I felt on any major championship Sunday,” García said.”


“It is unquestionably the high mark of García’s career, but his first major title may not even be the highlight of his year. In July, he is set to wed Angela Akins, whom he met when she was an on-air reporter for Golf Channel. Akins, who played golf at Texas Christian, affixed Post-it notes with sunny messages in places like the bathroom mirror where García was sure to see them.

Her positivity helped García, whose negativity toward Augusta National ran so deep that he once declared after a round here that he would never win a major because he lacked “the thing I need to have.”

Now that he has a green jacket, García will not have to hear that he is the best player never to win a major.”