How do you set a goal that you know will hurt your children?


My husband and I are super excited to sell our current, move back to GA, and start our own business. Financially, we will start up money when we sell our home and our retirement is already fully funded. I am inspired and feeling creative about our new business plan. Unfortunately, our three children are not excited about our plan. We have moved them a lot for my husband’s current career. My middle child is a sophomore in high school. He has recently been chosen as a captain for next year’s football team, an school ambassador for a choral trip to Europe summer ’18, and a mentor for the freshman class next Fall. Pulling him out of this environment feels selfish and very scary considering he is going into his Junior year. However, I believe that if we put off our business we will miss some crucial business timing that is to our benefit.

Can you help me model these conflicting thoughts?

Thanks~ Elizabeth E