Set up. Part 2

THANK YOU!!!! so much for your amazing reply.

I start with your questions and felt the feelings. Then I decided to write them here too.
My emotion is fear

The fear is located in my throat like a lump, protruding heavy and round.

In my chest like a heavy weight is pushing down on it.
The shape is oval and it vibrates quickly
Both on the warmer side.

They remind me of when I was 7 years old going to a school I didn’t like and that I found scary. I didn’t realize until today, but the lump and the chest shapes have been frequent visitors ever since.

What does it mean to do something wrong?

It means to be in trouble, that something bad will happen as a result of me doing something wrong.

I know that I have done something wrong, because someone will tell me.

What if I did do something wrong? so what?

This is such a good question..because my brain has never ever thought of this before.

The worst thing that would happen is that
1. this person would leave the group, but that’ wouldn’t be a bad thing…I would like that.
2. That she would talk badly about me, but she talks badly about a lot of people she has worked with in the past.

Now that I have done this exercise I am feeling calmer and more peaceful.

What do scholars usually do when they have processed their emotions? that are the next steps?