Setting "measurable" outcomes for relationship-oriented goals.

Hi Brooke-

As my 2019 “Impossible Goal” I’m seeking to be madly-in-love with my husband. It’s a third marriage for both of us and it’s been a real struggle to come together in the two years since we’ve gotten married. We both desire a more connected, intimate relationship, but despite marriage counseling and coaching it’s still “blah”. We’ll both admit to each other that “it’s not bad enough to leave, but it’s not the great we were looking for”. In my tutoring session last month we talked about setting an intentional ladder thought of “this relationship is exactly what I need right now.” As I try to apply the principles of doing the impossible to my relationship, I’m not sure how to quantify the exact results or even how to identify 25 epic fails. I must be really stuck. Am I setting the right kind of goal? Do you have example of how I might measure the results? What kind of epic fails have other people tried for relationship-oriented goals?