Shame – Category 2 or 3?

Hi Brooke,

I’ve chosen to overeat in the past week (halloween candy and chocolate which led to baked goods, etc) . I thought I was beyond that kind of bingeing, and now I feel really ashamed of myself for the choices I made. In doing the daily homework, I can’t decide if feeling ashamed (and defeated) are necessary and allow them or if I am just beating myself up and I need to stop – would you categorize shame as a 2-unwanted but need to allow or 3-indulgent emotion?

Here is the unintentional model:
C Overeating
T I can’t believe I did that to myself!
F Ashamed, defeated
A Continue to overeat
R Gained 10 lbs and feel awful

Intentional model:
C Overeating
T Those choices (in past week) are done, the choice that counts is the next one (to break out of cycle of binging)
F Empowered
A Make choice to not eat candy, etc
R Stop overeating