Sharing a failure!

Yep, for the last two weeks I CHOSE to be off protocol on many days. Basically it came down to not having the wherewithal to manage my eating and drinking wine while on a 3 day business trip, dealing with recurring viruses, stress and the general dreariness of April in Montreal. Instead of sitting with the discomfort, I reached for… well, mostly the wine. Having gone up by 2 pounds, I had to paid my first $20 to StickK for my unmet weight goal commitment last week. Now I really have to double down as I have a weekly target of .65 pound a week to lose! I have no wiggle room anymore! So I am now turning the page, recommitted to my protocol, added a new StickK contract for alcohol limit. Working on my belief that I can and will go down to 120 pounds by August. I also have to get way more comfortable with discomfort. I see that I was not doing the models I should have to deal effectively with my feelings.