Sharing My Success…

Hi Brooke! I just wanted to share my success with you as a result of some live coaching you did with me. At the in person training in September you coached me on day one. I was the one had the “horrible boss” Cornell. That coaching you did with me completely shifted my thinking about Cornell and when I returned to work the next week I decided to have nothing but love and kindness for him and my whole experience at work changed. I started to love my job and enjoy going to work everyday. I stopped trying to “protect” employees and instead used that energy to bring value to the company by being more focused on producing. Two weeks ago I told Cornell about my plan to start my Life Coach business and he is totally supporting me and thinks I would make a great life coach. He doesn’t want to lose me as an employee because of all the value I bring to his company. So we came to an agreement that as of January 1st would leave my position as Direct of People and Culture and he would hire me as an part-time hourly consultant so I can work from home and have plenty of time to build my Life Coach business! I know I wouldn’t of had these results if I went back to work and continued to play the victim and judge him. Thank you for showing me it was my thinking about the circumstance. So excited to go ALL IN next year with my coaching business and my goal is to make 100k my first year!!

P.S. I am officially certified now (yay!!) I am blown away with The Life Coach School Certification program. It was the BEST investment I ever made (besides Self Coaching Scholars) Thanks for always over delivering!!

Lauren Ciesco