Should I start IF at the same time as eliminating sugar and flour?

Hello! I’ve watched the Stop Overeating class and have watched some of the advanced class. I’ve been playing around with Intermittent Fasting and trying to practice the thought “hunger is no big deal” but after a lot of hours it really FEELS like a big deal. I know I’m still withdrawing from sugar and flour and what I’m finding is that I make it a few days (and don’t lose any weight which I realize won’t happen instantly and that I’m trying to undo the latest sugar/flour overeating episode, but my primal brain uses that against me when it’s pushing me to eat).

What I’m wondering is if I’m trying to do too much at once and if you might recommend eating 3 full meals with no snacks (something I’ve gotten fairly used to) and no sugar or flour for a few weeks THEN playing more with IF? The thing that’s killing me is the hunger. Also, if I’m feeling a lot of physical hunger, is there a chance I’m eating too little? I feel like I can never tell because it’s like 3 days of protocol, binge, 3 days of protocol. I feel insane and out of control. Thank you.