Should I stay or should I go?

Hi Brooke
I’m having my first baby in 7 weeks and heading on maternity leave in 3 weeks. I’m lucky enough to have 12 months off work but it’s unpaid so I will be using savings during that time. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for Scholars in 2018 and would be using my credit card if I continued. I want to be Diamond and a diehard Brooke lover forever, but feel I may need to stop the live support until I go back to work. I still want to do my own coaching, working through all the months again and likely setting a protocol after the baby is born.
My models are below… what do you think?

C Stop scholars
T I don’t want to miss out
F Anxiety
A Stay in scholars, accumulate some debt
R Don’t miss out on scholars

C Stop scholars
T I have a lot of material to go through
F Excited
A Spend 2018 on the content
R Work on new areas with the materia