Simplest model around overwhelm

Hi coaches, so I am a double diamond and I see I am still creating this model over and over in my life.

C: Many, but for example working, settle expectations to take a break in 40 mins. I am halfway through. Tension, effort in my body
T: I can’t stand this, this is too much
F: Overwhelm
A: Quit = take a break
R: Not sure what to put in the result, depends of what each specific time I make having taken a break mean

My brain believes having my life clear of these kind of models is actually impossible and that maybe more or less frequent they will always be there. In these moments I do not see other alternatives than taking a break. Many times I also allow this model and refocus on my task, but I have never had a day in my life where one of these models is eventually run till the end. How much of being able to always allow is realistic and how much goes back to perfectionistic thinking?
I feel the need to go back to the basics of approaches to overwhelm, which resources would you point me towards here in scs? Thanks a lot