Sister #2 follow up

OMG thank you for getting me off the hamster wheel with the sister #2 thought work! It’s so spot on: she’s going to create drama, that’s who she is (can I put that as a C lol) so why am I creating my OWN drama? Redid the model based on what you wrote and here’s where I am:
C: bday weekend
T: I want this to be a beautiful weekend for my husband
F: LOVE and excitement, I am having so much fun planning this and getting everyone together for him
A: plan AND invite from a place of LOVE and EXCITEMENT
R: creating the most beautiful weekend ever for hubby 🙂

So. Much. Better. LOVE.
I’d also like to thank the person who posted about the thoughts about the president – I’m not quite at love in my thinking on that one, but that post was so very helpful and I really appreciate it and the response!