Sister shared abuse story with me

My sister told me that she was sexually molested by an older man when she was in seventh grade (I was in third grade) and it lasted until high school. She said she was groomed. I think the #metoo movement brought this all to light. This triggered memories for me that are very foggy and I keep trying to dig deep and recover them. I know that on some level I knew about this and knew to keep it a secret. I guess I knew it was wrong but not the way I would consider it wrong as an adult. I think my third grade through sixth grade brain normalized this relationship.

C- Sister said words to me
T- I don’t want to keep thinking about this
F – Sadness
A – Keep trying to remember details
R- I keep thinking about it

Intentional Model
C- Sister said words to me
T- Recovering my memories will not change the situation
F – Sadness
A – Feel the sadness without trying to remember any details
R- Provide support and love to my sister based on her memories not mine