Sleep expert

I heard a brief mention on what of your recordings about a person who specializes in sleep. I could not catch it at the time and don’t remember where it was. Would you please share that information?

Additionally, I have struggled with being tired and fatigued my entire life. I’ve had discussions about this with my family, and many of them experience the same. I do have tendencies towards worry and stress, and move and work at a very fast paced. I also toss and turn a lot while I sleep. I believe I may be ‘wound up’ a lot. I am also usually very passionate and use a lot of energy here. I am wondering how I can use your tools and resources to help with this.

I would appreciate any ideas that you have. Often what happens, is when I’m tired and fatigued I get more upset and borderline depressed, causing even more fatigue.

I apologize for the long question!