Sneaking bites around dinner

Hi Brooke!
I’m excited to be a VIP. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and I’ve been working on my final couple of pounds.
As of today I am 1 pound off of my dream goal weight.

My protocol is no sugar no flour, fast until 1pm then 2 meals. What I’ve been trying to get right is no little bites/licks/tastes specifically when I’m preparing the food or when I’m packing up the food. Or going back and having seconds or eating bits of cheese out the fridge after dinner. I’ve done such a good job of succeeding in implementing the rest of my protocol but this last piece has been challenging me for a while now.

I have an app on my phone that I log the days I manage to keep to it. What tends to happen is I just have a little more dinner or just finish off the broccoli after dinner. At the time I think it doesn’t matter or it won’t hurt but then later I feel irritated with myself that I didn’t achieve my goal.
I think I’m indulging in confusion around this. I’m trying to just simplify it and get it done but then I have a little taste of something again.

On the one hand a small taste doesn’t matter. On the other hand I know it can escalate to finishing off all the leftovers after a meal.

I think my main reason for wanting to get it right is I only want to eat what I’ve decided to eat. Having little bits feels like sneaking food behind my own back.

It only happens at dinner so I think it’s also a form of buffering when I’m tired after work.

I don’t weigh my dinner. I have a portion of meat with the rest of the plate vegetables and a couple of spoons fat. Maybe the vagueness of the amount I can eat is contributing? Like the other night my brain said I can have more because I didn’t serve a very large portion of veg.

I appreciate any advice.