Sneaky thoughts

Okay so this week of organizing thoughts have brought up MANY beliefs I’ve had through out my life that certainly don’t serve me.

I now see how they’re creating the results I have today. Wow.

Just right now one thought jumped out at me as I was just “thinking to myself”.

I was thinking about a story I was telling my boyfriend this morning, I was replaying it in my head and I thought “I’m bad at telling stories”.

Bam! My brain caught that so quickly like woahhhhh.

I’d told myself that for SO LONG.

I’m currently working on starting my health coaching business and I read about how we should be “story telling” in all our copy so that it sucks the reader in and makes them want to read more.

I always that this was such a problem for me, I didn’t know how to write captions for my social media posts because “ I didn’t know what to say” or “ how to say it”.

Storytelling was what I believed to be my one of my biggest problems in starting this business.

I’ve done so much reading on how to do it!

But I kept on getting the same old results.

Now I’m seeing how it’s my thought about it.

The same thought I’ve always told myself. Something I saw as just old news, innocently there.

I’ve had this happen with a lot of other thoughts as well.

How they’re sneakily driving my actions in a way that doesn’t help me progress.


I don’t want it.
It’s not serving me.
It’s outdated.


Now what?