So excited by the Amy / Brooke mash up!

I know someone else has posted about this but OMG I was SO excited by this podcast. It was like a Batman Movie with Superman in it if you were really, really into both Batman AND Superman.
I got up this morning a little early because I woke up with the worst anxiety and I was doing my thought work and managing it then got myself out for my 5:30am walk because I said I would (and Brooke told me to do what I said I would do, and these days I just listen to Brooke, it saves time.) And it was 5C 42F out which is chilly! But I have all of my extra cold weather gear in my car which is Brooke’d so there was gloves and a hat in the glove compartment. And there was the PODCAST and it was just so exciting because walk time is AMY TIME. And there was Brooke And Amy. So great. I was SO excited. It was pitch dark and there was hardly anyone out there on the bay but I was smiling all huge because it was soooo exciting. For the record, I do not normally get very excited about things but this was just great!
I really get so much inspiration and fellowship from podcasts. I apply the content all the time and you really are my people, you’re in my ears in the mornings and in my head throughout the day and I really, really want to thank you both.