So full of gratitude!

Brooke, I want you to know how amazing my experience has been so far in SCS and how I haven’t even taken full advantage of it yet! I have lost 26 lbs since May, think my husband is amazing (he is), am showing up for myself in ways I have never been able to (aware of self-assault), and the list just keeps growing. My son recently attempted to take his life and the whole way that I processed this terrifying event allowed me to be the most loving and supportive mom I could be. I have so much excitement about the future and I am in learning mode everyday which is literally blowing my mind! There is one thing I also want to share with you and Chris – I have had money scarcity thoughts that have not served me well in the past, which resulted in me not paying for my membership one month a while back. I received an email from Chris that my membership was cancelled and my debt was forgiven. This was different than any other communication I had received ever about my card being declined. I was panicked when this happened because I want to continue my membership and want to be a certified coach. I had all kinds of thoughts that I was a terrible person, not worthy of this membership, going to be blacklisted etc, and then I just ran a model that was solution-focused and I replied to Chris that I hoped he would try another form of payment so I could continue my membership. He did and I am still a scholar, and it’s totally fine. 😉 It is an example of “over-delivering” and having high expectations. I appreciate this SO MUCH. SCS is enriching my life on all levels and as I continue to do the work this month (closet = done, bedroom = done, pantry = done) it is opening space and a sense of abundance I have never enjoyed before. Incredibly beautiful and amazing things are happening (my 23 y/o daughter came out yesterday –whaaaat?!) So, yes, my gratitude is way bigger than I can even express in this email. Coaching myself is absolutely life-changing. It’s totally amazing. Thank YOU!!!