So Sad

I’ve been i scholars since May. Since then I made a plan to quit my private music teaching business to focus on my much more profitable group class and to start making online courses. As a musician I always thought I would make $55k max but made a goal for $100k and I am on my way. Last week I was on vacation and I kept getting paid because people were signing up for my classes. So cool.

So, I have been in scholars since May. I have made a major change in my career– I quit my private teaching job to focus on group classes and making an online course. As a musician I thought 55k was pretty great but then I realized I could make 100k if I wanted. So I went in the river of misery and am still there (I transition out of private teaching in 2 weeks). In the meantime I have worked on my 100k goal. I did the math and I am already exceeding where I need to be. My problem is that my husband is freaked out. He thinks I am lying about how much I make and have sabotaged the family by quitting without consulting him. (I did consult him and he said not to do it but I realized this is my beautiful life not his so I went for it anyway.). I’ve kicked ass these last months– even quadrupling my rates for concerts way beyond what anyone I know is charging. And it’s worked!!!. I feel so proud of myself! Meanwhile my husband has told me I am set up to fail and have ruined our family. (Even though I have made more money then ever.). He has access to my bank accounts but refuses to add up the deposits. He won’t look at the actual math and inflates and creates numbers. Example: he told me I teach my course for 3 months when it’s 6 weeks and has been that way for 4 years. . He also told me I am stupid for making this change. I became very upset and defensive. Now HES mad and sleeping on the couch. The problem is that everyone around me thinks I am an idiot for giving up my full private practice. Everyone says “you can always go back to your old job”. (Not gonna happen). I made the change because I want to do so much more with teaching. I want an exciting life. I also want some support that doesn’t just come from myself. I keep wishing I could meet everyone in scholars and have a support group of people who were trying as hard as I was…. i am going to keep going but I feel alone. I would like to feel supported but I’m just not seeing evidence of this. Quite the opposite. I just want someone to believe in me as much as I am trying to believe in me. Any advice is appreciated. Thank u.