Is social media necessary for a successful business?

Hi, Brooke! This is my first month in scholars and I have a lot of work to do. I want to lose 12 lbs, I’m starting a business, and I am definitely in need of this month’s work on organization. My brain will be grateful when it gets in order! 🙂 Because I have so many areas of work, I am trying to constrain myself, therefore, I have not yet listened to any of your entrepreneur stuff. However, I had a thought come up today and I was wondering your opinion. I have taken many breaks from social media (FB and IG) because they don’t serve me. However, I’ve been feeling like I will need to learn how to live with being on social media in order to start my business and have it succeed. Then I realized, “I don’t think Brooke is on IG or FB!!! She has a VERY successful business.” What are your thoughts on starting a business and social media use to promote it?