SO(drinking) & sadness

Hello. I joined last month and have been skimming over a lot of the information but not exactly digging into it. However, the SO(drinking) intrigued me enough to start thinking about cutting back on drinking and I even have taken the first steps – pre-determining when I will or will not drink and have pretty much stopped drinking during the week (previously I would have 1-2 glasses of wine 1-2 times during the week). Even with this cursory exploration and limiting of drinking, I have experienced quite a bit of sadness. Like deep, full body, can’t shake out of it sadness. (and obviously I know that drinking would take that away). This has been going on for about 2 weeks and I haven’t figured out the root of this sadness. I think that part of it is feeling that I’m not in control of a lot of my life and not doing what I want – either the big picture or even some of the smaller stuff .
So, I guess the question is now that I’ve discovered that drinking has been covering up a deep sadness, how do I uncover what is causing the sadness and is that even necessary?
(PS this also counts as a dare because asking a question like this is very uncomfortable & scary for me)