Solo travel

I get very overwhelmed when I think about traveling alone. I spent last night looking up AirBnBs in Brazil that I might go to alone, and woke up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with anxiety. Solo travel doesn’t really intrigue me all that much, but I’m recently single, and would like to continue a life of traveling, and I also want to get past this fear I have of traveling alone. I have heard that the thing you are most scared of is the thing you need to do most. So, should I go travel alone if it scares me, even if it’s not necessarily what I want to do, just so I can move through/conquer fear? How can I get past my fear of it so that I can do it when I need to, rather than when I want to? Is it just a matter of finding the right model that doesn’t overwhelm me? The anxiety is far beyond my head — its psychosomatic, in the pit of my stomach, even though I can’t really identify the thoughts that are causing the nausea. I don’t want to stay put simply because its more comfortable, but I also don’t want to go it alone.