Someone is upset with me

I had a situation come up with a family member, I asked questions and they got upset with me. I was actually proud of myself for seeing that they are telling themselves a story about me. However, I called and asked if we can talk so I can clarify and apologize. They responded within 2 days basically. So my mind is going over all the things, and I want to come in love. So I have anxiety about chatting, but I fully think it is time.
C: they are mad at me
T: Maybe I was wrong, maybe I am the problem (in our family dynamic)
F: anxiety
A: Meditate to calm my body I can feel my flight response.
R: Brain going over how to respond when we talk

C:they are mad at me
T:They are upset because of what they are thinking
A:Say sorry and set up a time for a larger conversation
R: Hoping to show up in love, and let them judge me and be ok with it.

The question is….do I just have anxiety until then? Or be at peace.