Son’s slurping sounds

I think I want to get to the point where the sound of my seven-year-old son slurping doesn’t make me cringe. But, part of me also wants him to just stop doing it and I feel an obligation as his parent to teach him about “table manners.” Can you help with bridge thoughts here? Or am I missing something obvious in my Unintentional and Intentional models here?

C: Seven year old son makes slurping sounds when drinking or eating
T: He should not slurp; it is my job to teach him that’s not “good manners”
F: Irritation
A: Correct him every time he makes the sound
R: He’s annoyed at me, I’m annoyed at him, no one enjoys their meal

T: Son can eat however he chooses, it’s his body
F: Free
A: Enjoy my meal with my son
R: Feel connected to my son