Spouse is different – lb

I’m feeling great about my progress. Im making choices about things – do they serve me, are they current, am i ready to let go. So good- clearing space-making room for who im becoming- realizing i cannot become the next version of me if im clinging to what my old stories were. Here is kicker- my husband continues to collect, pile things, cling to.eg He recently biught 5 sets of used golf clubs thinking some day he will play. His pattern is to fill his space . I love him. I want to stay married. He is a wonderful kind man and father – but i hate his compulsive piling /consuming/ lack of order. My progress seems like a drop in the bucket – can i become what im meant to be with him stayibgcthis way?

I just thought to do a model on my thiughts

C : organizing
t: my way is better than his
f : superior
A: critize him, push him aside, disregard him
R: ???? How does result prove thought ?

What is a better thought? Id like to feel hopeful he can change his organization – he says he wants to but i see no action, just more compulsive buying.