Starting out with the model – what do I do after writing it down?

I just started and I have been reading the orientation material, and I’ve practiced some models with the help of the examples. I wrote it down in my phone the first couple of times and I wrote one down on paper today. And now I feel like these sentences and words are staring back at me waiting for me to do something about them. What do I do? I feel like I want to coach myself through this mostly negative situation, change the answers to CTFAR and generate a path that makes me feel less bad about myself. It doesn’t sound right – what do I do after writing it down?
C: J said he is packing my stuff so he doesn’t have to think about me anymore
T: I am not ready for our relationship to end
F: sadness, grief, anxiety
A: I try to think about anything else BUT the situation, I procrastinate
R: I don’t release him but I also don’t give him assurance & I prolong the pain for us both