Stop Overdrinking Mini-Share

I have been faithfully doing the Stop Overdrinking program since late-June. So, roughly 3 months at this point. I have curbed my drinking to a point I never thought possible (I used to open a bottle of wine at 5PM every day simply because it was…5PM?) and not only that, I don’t even really WANT to drink. When I have in the past months, it was planned and I stuck to it and was very happy and proud of myself. WELL. Last night I got too big for my britches and went to a last-minute dinner party. I drank TOO MUCH WINE, amigos. My brain had left the building and did not take the Sav Blanc with it. Anyway, this morning I woke up clammy from stewing in sweat, groggy from not sleeping and cotton-mouthed from the desert that had taken up residence on my tongue. But I’m not angry with myself. If anything, it just proved how valuable the Stop Overdrinking Program is to me. I have renewed excitement about continuing. PLUS! I’ll sleep tonight 😉 Just a Big Ole Thanks, Brooke!