Struggle with Making decisions

So I have in the past struggled and had a hard time with making decisions. I just listened to Brooks coaching of Shue…sp? and she said if either decision was going to turn out great pick one. Then make it great.
Right now I’m choosing a surgeon one is in New York it’s far and I will have to travel after surgery for follow ups.,,which makes me nervous to be uncomfortable in the car for a long time. I feel like the surgeon in New York might be better, more experienced, while the surgeon in New Jersey is more convenient and easier nicer and half the price. If I knew that both would turn out great I would pick the one in New Jersey but I’m afraid that I’ll miss out on having the better surgeon in New York because he has better tools and and operatiing team and technique. I had a migrane after yesterday visit. I think he has better scar results but i hated going to the city getting back home was brutal without haveing been operated on….im deciding if i should thought model myself into beilieving im strong i can do hatd things…. going when theres less traffic and seeing one more surgeon in ny, or justpicking the less stressful choice and staying in nj. Brooke says we waste so much time in indescision and i have done this for years but i will pull the trigger and decide and schedule by november.