Struggling to maintain positive money beliefs after industry conference

Hi Brooke,
As of last Thursday, felt on top of the world. I was (still am) 22 pounds down, I had finished my April goal (my middle grade manuscript) early and was on my way to a writers’ conference. There I attended several good craft workshops, heard some inspiring words from established authors, and even had an agent say she would like to read my manuscript. What I also heard, several times, was the message that most “successful,” published authors make very, very little money.

So now I am struggling to reconcile those messages with the money beliefs I have been trying on for size, things like, I will double my earnings doing something I love, etc. I don’t want to ignore reality, but I don’t want to give up on my dreams, either. Unless maybe I should?

Any advice for a wannbe professional artist who also wants financial success?